Buying FHA vs. Conventional Loan: Which Mortgage Is Right for You? FHA versus conventional loan: If you need a mortgage to buy a house, you may find yourself weighing these two options. What’s the difference, and which one is right for you? While the majority of homebuyers might assume they should get a conventional home loan, about 40% end up with FHA loans, which are insured by the Federal Housing Administration. […]
Buying What prospective homebuyers should do until interest rates drop In this high-interest-rate environment, many prospective homebuyers are put off by high mortgage costs. Homes that might have been in your budget in the past might no longer be affordable when accounting for monthly interest payments. But that doesn’t mean the situation is totally out of your control. While mortgage timing can be tricky, you […]
Buying Should you rent or buy? High home prices, mortgage rates challenge the American dream of homeownership When Greg Morano proposed to his girlfriend Kayla Lewis, he knew their next big decision as a couple was looming: should they rent or buy their first home together? The couple spent months discussing the size, style and location of apartments before considering homeownership. “I think that’s the dream everybody grows up with — it’s one […]
Buying What is a pre-approval when buying a home, and why do you need one? If you’re ready to begin your home shopping journey, make sure you get a mortgage pre-approval first. A mortgage pre-approval letter is an essential step in the homebuying process. Without pre-approval, it might be difficult to determine your budget. Plus, you risk not being taken seriously by sellers — especially in a highly competitive real estate market. […]
Buying Young Adults Living With Parents Are Ready to Purchase New data suggests that more people ages 25 to 34 have saved enough while staying with family to move out on their own. A record number of young adults moved back home during the pandemic—the most since 1960, according to industry data—but signs are emerging that they’re finally ready to branch out on their own. […]
Buying Top 5 U.S. Home Buyer Must-Haves for 2023 Revealed According to new research, functional outdoor space is the new must-have for 2023 home buyers in the U.S. The evolution of the backyard tops the top five home trends to watch in 2023. Here are the top 5 buyer must-haves for 2023: Backyards move to the forefront The humble backyard, once overshadowed by chef’s kitchens […]
Buying Should I Buy a Home After 60? While you might not immediately associate retirement with homeownership, buying a home after age 60 can be thrilling and financially savvy. Instead of looking for highly rated school districts, you can find the ideal combination of comfort, affordability and proximity to those who matter most. That said, no matter your circumstances, buying a house as you […]
Buying How to make your homebuying dreams come true The past couple of years have been a wild ride for the housing market. With historically low mortgage rates, buyers were entering the market at an unprecedented rate—a rate so fast that supply couldn’t keep up with demand. As the pandemic progressed, prices soared while homes were swept off the market within hours. Eventually, mortgage […]
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Buying Home buyers’ and sellers’ biggest misconceptions in a shifting market The housing market is rapidly rebalancing, but buyers and sellers are struggling to keep up with the changes. A new survey of real estate agents finds the most common misconception among would-be buyers is that home prices will crash, while sellers are holding on to outdated expectations of bidding wars and quick sales. Nearly half […]
Buying Buyers Embrace Adjustable Mortgages as Rates Surpass 7% Rising interest rates have increased the average monthly loan payment by a whopping $1,000 year over year. With the rate for a 30-year mortgage rising to 7.08% this week—the highest average since April 2002, according to Freddie Mac—the average monthly loan payment is now $1,000 more than a year ago, Nadia Evangelou, senior economist and […]
Buying Yikes! Every Time Mortgage Rates Rise, Buyers Need To Make This Much More To Afford a Home For home shoppers who thought 2022 would be their year, a pervasive sinking feeling is taking hold. They’re realizing the monthly payment for a home they thought they could afford—perhaps just barely—is now hundreds or even thousands of dollars more than they would have paid earlier this year. Their dream home is getting further and […]
Buying Common Mistakes When Closing on a Home Ever notice that when you’re unprepared, it heats up stressful situations? Take the preclosing stage of the home buying process. You may keep thinking about the money at stake, while forms, disclosures, and reports fly at you. It’s enough to overwhelm anyone. Anyone who isn’t well prepared, that is. You can get a head start, […]
Buying As the Housing Market Corrects, Is It Better To Rent or Buy? Q:I’ve heard the housing market is ‘correcting’ and home prices are falling. However, mortgage rates and rents keep going up. So should I wait to buy until prices go down further and rent now instead? Whether to rent or buy a home has long been on the mind of potential homebuyers. Soaring mortgage and rental […]
Buying How to Move Past Student Debt — and Into a Home You want to buy a house. But you’re worried you won’t qualify for a mortgage because of your student loan debt. You’re not alone. Half of non-homeowners (51%) say student loan debt is delaying them from buying a home, according to a survey from the National Association of REALTORS®. That number jumps to 60% for […]
Buying Inflation and Interest Rates are Rising, What The Future Looks Like for Housing Market Buyers Expert Advice for First-Time Home Buyers and Homeowners We have asked expert financial and real estate bloggers for their advice to help first-time homebuyers and homeowners looking to sell. Here are their thoughts: 1. Focus on How Long You Plan to Own the Home Greg Wilson, a Chartered Financial Analyst with 22+ years of real […]
Buying Advice for buyers & sellers in today’s housing market by Ryan Lundquist ADVICE FOR BUYERS: Don’t lowball like it’s 2008: It’s not a name-your-price market, so you still have to make reasonable offers instead of way below market value. I find some buyers think it’s 2008, and that’s not the vibe right now. For instance, a property was priced well at $450,000 and a buyer offered $320,000 (final closed […]
Buying ‘One actionable thing’ that can save prospective homebuyers up to $104,000 over the life of their mortgage As today’s prospective home buyers confront high home prices and rising interest rates, there’s one thing they can do to save money — raise their credit scores. “This is one actionable thing buyers can do to save a little bit of money in this market,” said Amanda Pendleton, consumer finance expert at Zillow Home Loans. […]
Buying Freddie Mac to include on-time rent in underwriting On-time rental payments to be included in Freddie Mac’s system starting July 10. Freddie Mac announced Wednesday that on-time rental payments will be included in its underwriting system. The government-sponsored enterprise said that it hopes to incentivize “responsible” renters to make a leap into homeownership. According to Freddie, this option will be available starting July 10 […]
Buying Can Changing Jobs Prevent You From Getting a Mortgage? Taking on a new job can be exciting. But if getting a new gig happens to coincide with your plans to buy a home, it can affect your ability to get a mortgage—even if you make more money in your new job. When you apply for a home loan, lenders take a deep dive into your […]
Buying The No. 1 Most Difficult Aspect of Buying a Home Though often one of the most rewarding purchases you can make, buying a home isn’t easy – whether it’s navigating mundane legalities, holding your breath through inspections, or trying to convince a seller that you’re the right person to purchase that home. But more than half of homeowners say the hardest part of buying a […]