Buying August 29, 2023

Finding Your Dream Home: Turnkey vs. Fixer-Upper – What’s Trending in the Real Estate Market

Are you on the hunt for your dream home? The real estate landscape is evolving, and it seems like today’s buyers have a clear preference – they’re looking for homes that are move-in ready. I’m going to dive into the latest trends in the housing market, exploring why more and more buyers are leaning towards fully renovated properties rather than tackling major renovation projects. Let’s break it down:

**1. Buyers’ New Mindset: Turnkey Over Renovation**

Picture this: you’re eager to buy a house, but the thought of hiring a contractor and dealing with additional costs and headaches makes you think twice. Well, you’re not alone. Real estate agents have noticed a shift in buyer preferences. Many buyers are now prioritizing homes that don’t require major renovations. They want to move in without the stress of fixing up the place.

**2. The Numbers Game: Offers and Sales**

Numbers never lie. A year ago, sellers were receiving around six offers on average. But now, that number has dropped to about three offers. Why the change? Well, one major factor is the rise in mortgage rates. High mortgage rates are making buyers cautious about investing in homes that need renovations.

**3. The Cost Equation: Rates and Property Prices**

Let’s talk dollars and cents. Renovations have always been a bit of a gamble. But now, they’re becoming even costlier. Home loan and construction loan rates have increased, adding to the high property prices. This combination is creating a wider gap in how quickly renovated and non-renovated homes sell.

**4. Slow and Steady: The Market Impact**

Properties in need of repair are spending more time on the market. This means sellers who want a quick sale might need to invest in some improvements before listing their homes. Buyers are becoming pickier, and homes that need upgrades are taking longer to sell.

**5. The Desire for Simplicity: Renovation Appetite Decreases**

Whether it’s a main property or a second home, buyers are less interested in renovation projects. Take Tommy Byrd, for example. He’s looking for a vacation house but prefers one that’s already renovated. Managing renovations from another state isn’t something he’s excited about.

**6. Picky Buyers: More Choices for Upgrades**

Buyers have more power to choose. If a home needs upgrades like new floors, kitchens, bathrooms, or a fresh coat of paint, buyers can afford to be choosy. They’re not as willing to overlook these details as they might have been in the past.

**7. The Changing Market Landscape**

Market dynamics are shifting. Homes are staying on the market longer, signaling that they might be overpriced or in need of significant repairs. Most buyers simply can’t afford major renovations right now, given the current economic climate. (If you are in this boat, let’s talk.. I have an amazing suggestion to get you the repairs/upgrades your home needs to get it sold for a higher price!)

**8. The Remodeling Market Booms**

Interestingly, the desire for move-in ready homes hasn’t put a damper on the remodeling market. Home improvement and repair projects are on the rise, projected to hit $484 billion in 2023. Existing homeowners are keen on upgrading without giving up their low mortgage rates.

**9. Market Variances: The Bid Wars and Scarcity**

Different markets have different stories to tell. In some areas, there are so few homes for sale that buyers might have to settle for a fixer-upper. In other regions, bidding wars are still happening, and unrenovated homes can fetch top dollar – it just might take a bit longer.

The real estate landscape is changing, and buyers are steering towards turnkey properties that spare them from major renovations. From rising mortgage rates to a desire for simplicity, these factors are shaping the way people view their future homes. Whether you’re planning to buy or sell, understanding these trends can make all the difference in your real estate journey. Let me help you navigate this market whether you are looking to buy or sell. I am here to assist you in making your real estate dreams come true.