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Real Estate California REALTORS® place open letter in California newspapers to mitigate confusion about pending changes in industry business practices “If you’ve been reading about real estate lately, you’ve no doubt heard about antitrust lawsuits and settlements by real estate brokerages and the National Association of REALTORS®. You’ve also heard about the settlements resulting in certain changes in how agents will be compensated for their work,” C.A.R. President Melanie Barker said in the letter. “Recent […]
Real Estate Why 90% of Homebuyers Will Continue to Choose Working with Real Estate Agents: Insights from the National Association of Realtors Last month, the National Association of Realtors announced a settlement that would resolve nationwide litigation over claims from home sellers related to broker commissions. The $418 million settlement, and the practice changes it will usher in, have led some to speculate that real estate agents are at risk of becoming obsolete. As someone who has […]
Market Trends Why We Aren’t Headed for a Housing Crash If you’re holding out hope that the housing market is going to crash and bring home prices back down, here’s a look at what the data shows. And spoiler alert: that’s not in the cards. Instead, experts say home prices are going to keep going up. Today’s market is very different than it was before the housing crash in […]
Market Trends The Latest 2024 Housing Market Forecast The new year is right around the corner, and you might be wondering if 2024 will be the right time to buy or sell a home. If you want to make the most informed decision possible, it’s important to know what the experts have to say about what’s ahead for the housing market. Spoiler alert: the projections may […]
Real Estate Congrats, Your House Made You Rich. Now Sell It. Lots of baby boomers are going to sell their homes in the years ahead. The trick is to beat the crowd. Forget the old slogan about there never being a better time to buy a home. For baby boomers, there might never be a better time to sell. The kids are gone, the stairs aren’t […]
Real Estate The Big Benefits of Downsizing Your Home If you’re considering downsizing, you’re not alone. Many homeowners are embracing the advantages of living in smaller spaces. Living more compactly can offer a range of benefits, from cost savings to a better quality of life. Explore the advantages of living smaller and learn why it’s becoming an increasingly popular option. Financial Considerations One of […]
Real Estate The Downsides of Moving to a Cheaper City The pandemic led to a shift away from expensive cities as people sought financial relief in more affordable suburbs. However, this migration trend has seen a reversal. Many individuals who moved for cost savings have returned after realizing that cheaper living comes with its own challenges. Economic Opportunity vs. Affordable Living: While relocating to save […]
Appraisals Buy a home now and refinance it later? Here’s what experts think For some buyers, it may make sense to buy a home now and refinance it to a lower rate in the future. GETTY IMAGES While inflation is cooling, interest rates remain high, which puts a damper on Americans’ plans to buy a home or refinance their existing mortgages. The natural question many homeowners are asking themselves […]
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Buying Should you rent or buy? High home prices, mortgage rates challenge the American dream of homeownership When Greg Morano proposed to his girlfriend Kayla Lewis, he knew their next big decision as a couple was looming: should they rent or buy their first home together? The couple spent months discussing the size, style and location of apartments before considering homeownership. “I think that’s the dream everybody grows up with — it’s one […]
Market Trends Homeownership as a Vehicle to Build Wealth Over the last decade, the median-priced home in the U.S. gained $190,000 in value, making the typical homeowner 40 times wealthier than if they had remained a renter, according to a new report. Low-income homeowners (those earning no greater than 80% of the area median income) built $98,900 in wealth as their homes while middle-income (those making […]
Real Estate Top Features That Will Boost Home Values in 2023 With rising mortgage rates, many homeowners are worried about the sales prices of their homes. However, according to a recent report from Zillow, there are many things you can do to increase buyer appeal and value. The real estate website compiled data from nearly two million homes listed for sale in 2022, analyzing home prices, along […]
Other How to avoid being ‘house-rich, cash-poor’ by selecting the right mortgage for your budget Owning a home doesn’t just put a roof over your head — it can also put money in your pocket (at least on paper). According to a 2022 report from the National Association of Realtors, single-family homeowners accumulated an average of $225,000 in wealth from their homes during a 10-year period. But what if the equity you […]
Market Trends Expect a competitive shopping season, despite few available homes Though easing mortgage rates are bringing buyers back, don’t expect the fervor of recent years Buyers should expect to face intensifying competition over the next few months. Homeowners are largely staying put, so attractive listings will see strong interest. Affordability remains the biggest challenge for buyers and sellers, with both keeping a close eye on […]
Market Trends Looking ahead at the housing market in 2023 Rollercoasters are designed to take riders on an unpredictable journey with periods of exhilaration, intensity and fear. Kind of sounds like the housing market over the last twelve months, doesn’t it? 2022 was truly a roller coaster year in housing. Just to look at one metric that we’ve been following all year, the average 30-year fixed […]
Market Trends Consumer confidence in housing finally rises, thanks to falling home prices Mortgage rates are still twice what they were a year ago, but home prices have been falling since June, and that’s finally making consumers feel better about what had been an overheated, highly competitive housing market. A monthly housing sentiment index from Fannie Mae showed sentiment improving from November to December. The index is still […]
Market Trends NorCal Sales & Trends for November 2022 vs November 2021 NorCal Sales & Trends for November 2022 vs November 2021 For Sale / Sold / Days on Market / Sold vs Original List Price / Median Price. Information provided by David Woods of Lennar Title Company. Click here for a better look!
Buying Home buyers’ and sellers’ biggest misconceptions in a shifting market The housing market is rapidly rebalancing, but buyers and sellers are struggling to keep up with the changes. A new survey of real estate agents finds the most common misconception among would-be buyers is that home prices will crash, while sellers are holding on to outdated expectations of bidding wars and quick sales. Nearly half […]
Real Estate Real estate is the safest investment you can make today, millionaires say—Here’s why If you’re planning for retirement, you’ve most likely watched your 401(k) plan run away like a car on a roller coaster. Each upward movement is a long, slow creep to a dramatic crest, met with an expected fall that takes your anxiety with it. If not in stock and bond markets, where are affluent consumers […]
Market Trends Will Homeownership Soon Be A Thing Of The Past? The Strategy Millennials Are Using To Enter Real Estate Market As the economy teeters on the brink of a recession, potential home buyers wrestling with high-interest rates, low affordability, and overpriced homes are asking themselves how to build the wealth they need to purchase their first primary residence. According to a consumer insights report issued by tech-enabled real estate company Mynd, millennials have found the answer. A […]
Real Estate 5 terrible reasons to refinance your mortgage — that have nothing to do with today’s rising rates After years of record-setting low mortgage rates, the days of easy loans are long gone. But even with rates on the rise, there are plenty of excellent reasons to refinance your mortgage — like changing the length of your loan, switching from a variable to a fixed rate or tapping into your home’s equity. Americans are facing a […]