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Market Trends Looking ahead at the housing market in 2023 Rollercoasters are designed to take riders on an unpredictable journey with periods of exhilaration, intensity and fear. Kind of sounds like the housing market over the last twelve months, doesn’t it? 2022 was truly a roller coaster year in housing. Just to look at one metric that we’ve been following all year, the average 30-year fixed […]
Market Trends Consumer confidence in housing finally rises, thanks to falling home prices Mortgage rates are still twice what they were a year ago, but home prices have been falling since June, and that’s finally making consumers feel better about what had been an overheated, highly competitive housing market. A monthly housing sentiment index from Fannie Mae showed sentiment improving from November to December. The index is still […]
Market Trends NorCal Sales & Trends for November 2022 vs November 2021 NorCal Sales & Trends for November 2022 vs November 2021 For Sale / Sold / Days on Market / Sold vs Original List Price / Median Price. Information provided by David Woods of Lennar Title Company. Click here for a better look!
Buying Home buyers’ and sellers’ biggest misconceptions in a shifting market The housing market is rapidly rebalancing, but buyers and sellers are struggling to keep up with the changes. A new survey of real estate agents finds the most common misconception among would-be buyers is that home prices will crash, while sellers are holding on to outdated expectations of bidding wars and quick sales. Nearly half […]
Real Estate Real estate is the safest investment you can make today, millionaires say—Here’s why If you’re planning for retirement, you’ve most likely watched your 401(k) plan run away like a car on a roller coaster. Each upward movement is a long, slow creep to a dramatic crest, met with an expected fall that takes your anxiety with it. If not in stock and bond markets, where are affluent consumers […]
Market Trends Will Homeownership Soon Be A Thing Of The Past? The Strategy Millennials Are Using To Enter Real Estate Market As the economy teeters on the brink of a recession, potential home buyers wrestling with high-interest rates, low affordability, and overpriced homes are asking themselves how to build the wealth they need to purchase their first primary residence. According to a consumer insights report issued by tech-enabled real estate company Mynd, millennials have found the answer. A […]
Real Estate 5 terrible reasons to refinance your mortgage — that have nothing to do with today’s rising rates After years of record-setting low mortgage rates, the days of easy loans are long gone. But even with rates on the rise, there are plenty of excellent reasons to refinance your mortgage — like changing the length of your loan, switching from a variable to a fixed rate or tapping into your home’s equity. Americans are facing a […]
Buying How to Move Past Student Debt — and Into a Home You want to buy a house. But you’re worried you won’t qualify for a mortgage because of your student loan debt. You’re not alone. Half of non-homeowners (51%) say student loan debt is delaying them from buying a home, according to a survey from the National Association of REALTORS®. That number jumps to 60% for […]
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Market Trends Chasing The Ball Down The Road In Real Estate Sellers have been chasing the ball down the road. What I mean is prices have been going down lately, and sellers are trying to find the market through price reductions. I can’t speak for the entire country, but I’d like to talk about what’s happening locally. I’m not writing as a housing bull or bear […]
Buying Inflation and Interest Rates are Rising, What The Future Looks Like for Housing Market Buyers Expert Advice for First-Time Home Buyers and Homeowners We have asked expert financial and real estate bloggers for their advice to help first-time homebuyers and homeowners looking to sell. Here are their thoughts: 1. Focus on How Long You Plan to Own the Home Greg Wilson, a Chartered Financial Analyst with 22+ years of real […]
Market Trends US Home-Price Growth Slowed in June Home-price growth in the US decelerated in June as the sales slowdown gripped the market. A national measure of prices rose 18% year-over-year, smaller than the 19.9% climb in May, the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller index showed Tuesday. The housing market has quickly slowed from its pandemic-era frenzy, with the Case-Shiller figures reflecting the start of […]
Market Trends Amid Good News, There’s a Crucial Housing Market Detail We’re All Overlooking Recent real estate headlines are bursting with promising news for homebuyers, heralding a bright new housing market that’s more “balanced” and “buyer-friendly.” But what this exuberant outlook seems to be missing is a bit more balance itself. Yes, homebuyers have it a little bit better, in some places. But for others, it’s still a war zone—or, at […]
Market Trends Housing Bubble Fears? This spring, about 45% of home sellers said they believed the housing market was headed for a crash in 2022, according to a study from Clever Real Estate. To boot, Google Trends data shows a significant spike in searches for the term “housing bubble.” Doomsday fears are mounting as record-high home prices make more consumers and […]
Market Trends Adjustable-rate mortgage vs. fixed-rate mortgage: ‘It’s amazing what people don’t know about mortgages’ More people are considering adjustable-rate mortgages as a way to (temporarily) lower their monthly housing costs, especially in expensive cities. Should you? The face-off It’s tough out there for homebuyers. The median U.S. home price just broke the $400,000 mark for the first time ever (it’s at $407,600 to be exact, up 14.8% from a […]
Real Estate Most Americans Know More About Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez’s Love Lives Than Buying a Home According to a new Zillow survey, most Americans know more about celebrity love lives, the Kardashians and the NFL than they know about the basics of buying a home. In the nationwide survey, the typical adult failed Zillow’s basic real estate knowledge quiz, answering only two of five questions correctly. Financing is a crucial first […]
Other Married – Name Not on Title: The Cause and Effect Does a person have ownership rights to a piece of property if they are married, but their name is not on title?   For a community property in California, it depends upon when and how their spouse acquired the property. The law asserts that all property purchased during the marriage, with income that was earned […]
Real Estate Do Granny Flats or Additional Dwelling Units add much value? Whether you call them granny flats, in-law suites, or garage apartments– accessory dwelling units (“ADUs”) are on the rise. There are an estimated 1.4 million of them in the United States, with around 110,000 constructed in the last year alone. In 2020, ADUs were often heralded as one answer to the growing housing affordability crisis. Their proponents argue that […]