Other How to avoid being ‘house-rich, cash-poor’ by selecting the right mortgage for your budget Owning a home doesn’t just put a roof over your head — it can also put money in your pocket (at least on paper). According to a 2022 report from the National Association of Realtors, single-family homeowners accumulated an average of $225,000 in wealth from their homes during a 10-year period. But what if the equity you […]
Other Data and Analysis on Wildfires and Insurance Wildfires are a reality for many Californians, and by analyzing multiple data sets over several years the Department can identify trends affecting the insurance market. Data and its objective analysis have driven actions by Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara focused on preserving available and affordable insurance options for homeowners and businesses. As the state regulator, with […]
Other Study: Roseville ranked among the top cities to live in America According to this Fox 40 article, Roseville has been named the best city to live in California, according to a study from Livability.com. Out of a list of 100 cities, Roseville is ranked as the country’s number 21 best place to live and is the only city in California that was featured in the study. “Its bustling […]
Other Married – Name Not on Title: The Cause and Effect Does a person have ownership rights to a piece of property if they are married, but their name is not on title?   For a community property in California, it depends upon when and how their spouse acquired the property. The law asserts that all property purchased during the marriage, with income that was earned […]
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